I have for you today a handful of updates to satisfy your business news curiosity until next week, at which point I hope you will be back here for more.

Liquor update

Here’s a two-pronged bit of news that might come as a surprise. Cazuelas Mexican Grill in Greenbrier has also applied for a liquor license. It is located on North Broadview. This is, to my knowledge, the first time a restaurant in Greenbrier has applied for a private club permit. 

Las Palmas, which was recently turned down for a private club permit and appealed, was approved on Wednesday. The Mexican restaurant is located in Conway Commons.


Putting out fires

From time to time it is my duty to attempt to quash rumors that are untrue. So, I have good news and bad news today. A rumor made the rounds that Holly’s Country Cooking was closed, and the good news is that is not true. Holly’s closed for a short time — no big deal — and now they are open again with no plans to close.

Now the bad news. Apparently a rumor has proliferated that McDonald’s is opening a restaurant in Vilonia. Sorry, but this one is not true either.


Harley Davidson
on track for spring

George Newcomb, general manager for Landers Harley Davidson, said the dealership opening in Conway should be up and running by April 1. A lot of construction is going on, and the building will be painted orange and black. Newcomb said the company is looking forward to being part of the community.


House of Ivo open

House of Ivo opened in its new location downtown the second week of January, and they are planning a grand opening sometime soon. They have a line of antique furniture and antique collectibles. They make window treatments and have a variety of fabrics. They also do remodeling and have samples of cabinets, tiles, wood flooring, fixtures, etc.


Name change

Sometimes businesses change something slight, and it can be a source of confusion for their customers. So, let’s clear up any confusion regarding the business formerly known as Mail Boxes Etc. The name has changed to Shipping and Postal Unlimited, but its owners, location and so forth are the same. It is located at 813 Oak St., Suite 10 A.

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(Rachel Parker Dickerson is a freelance columnist/journalist. Send your questions and comments to rachelpdickerson@gmail.com)