If you visit the forums at our Web site, thecabin.net, there’s an interesting thread that’s gaining momentum.

No, this topic isn’t about important matters like the state of the city or of the nation. It’s not about the Winter Olympics and how crazy some of these folks must be to do the things they do. (But feel free to start those threads.)

The popular thread I’m writing about today is on the topic of businesses our online visitors want to see in Conway. There are some interesting suggestions on "Top 10 Businesses I Would LOVE to See In Conway."

I won’t have room here to list my Top 10 and why I want those businesses here, so I’ll cheat a bit. You’ll see.

Most of the thread’s comments focus on restaurants and shopping outlets. There are a few recreational businesses thrown in there, as well. 

Mostly, folks want fancy dining opportunities (except for that one guy who wants a Jack in the Box. Sorry, but when I’m craving a burger, I don’t want to get one from a place that makes tacos, too.) and Big Box department stores.

What do I want? I’m really no different from the rest of ‘em. 

So here we go:

High on the list was a Lambert’s Cafe. I’m more of a Front Page Cafe fan. But they’re both the same concept: good food and waitresses that will knock you upside the head with a roll if you aren’t paying attention. So, I’d be happy with either one.

Second on my list is another fast-food fish shop. I’m a frequent visitor at our local fish restaurants. If you want good, home-style catfish, look no further than Conway. We can’t beat our local offerings. But on weeks that I’m strapped for cash and craving fish at 9 p.m., it’d be nice to have a Captain D’s. There’s nothing like a combo meal of cod fish masked as Southern style catfish. If you have the right attitude going into it, it’s not a bad meal for under $5.

A lot of folks want a Sam’s Club. I’m no different. Who wouldn’t want a store where stuff’s bought in bulk at a reasonable price? I still have gallon-sized containers of pickles and salad dressing. Wonder if those things really expire? 

Fourth on my list has to be a Heavenly Ham. They market meats and sides in bulk for parties or gatherings. But they have a pretty good lunch box. They make their own bread, and the french bread is among the best I’ve ever had. Their food truly is heavenly.

And I told you folks I was gonna cheat a little bit. So, here goes. A town the size of Conway oughta have a real indoor mall. Conway Commons is great, and I find myself venturing there on at least a weekly basis. But an indoor mall wouldn’t hurt. It could even help us capture some of those sales tax dollars from that big city a few miles south of us. And in these tough economic times, some of that business wouldn’t hurt. And according to my calculations, that should account for picks five through 10.

What are your thoughts? Am I that far off base?

Visit thecabin.net and choose your Top 10. I’m sure there are still some interesting ideas out there.