With the help of a citizen, a hit-and-run driver was arrested early Thursday afternoon near Mayflower.

A witness to the accident provided a written statement to the effect that a driver later identified as John C.A. Moix, 44, of 200 Cherry Hill Drive, North Little Rock, drove into the rear of a SUV stopped for a red light at Dave Ward Drive shortly before noon. This witness said that the apparent at-fault driver “appeared and sounded inebriated,” and that when the driver of the SUV asked him to pull off the road and wait for police, “he drove off at high speed.”

Prior to the accident another witness called 911 to report that a late-model silver Acura sedan was “driving crazy” on Interstate 40.

“He was running off the side of the highway and weaving in and out,” this witness said Thursday afternoon. “He was running people to the side of the road, and he almost lost it several times. He got up to 90 on the freeway.”

This witness followed the Acura as it exited I-40 and rear-ended the SUV on Dave Ward Drive. When the Acura drove away from the scene and turned down Sturgis Road, this witness was able to follow it for a distance and communicate its location and direction of travel to local law enforcement dispatchers.

“He was just all over the road, and we were afraid to let him go without following him,” the witness said.

Mayflower Chief of Police Dan Sutterfield and Sgt. Billy Baker, notified at about 11:45 a.m. that a possibly intoxicated hit-and-run driver was headed toward their jurisdiction, set out to find them in a pair of patrol cars.

“There was a vehicle following the car that did the hit-and-run,” Baker said. “The people following them said that (the suspect) had went up on Scenic Hill Road and then onto Airport Road, so we split up. ... Everywhere the driver turned he was leaving skid marks, so I followed those until I found him on top of the hill on Airport Road and arrested him there without incident at about 12:15.”

Baker added that he was surprised that the Acura had made it as far as it did with a “caved-in front end and a busted radiator.”

An officer trained in drug recognition was called in to evaluate Moix after his arrest for suspected leaving the scene of an accident. The results of this evaluation hadn’t been released by CPD on Thursday.

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