5 years ago  


Jimmy Barham entertained a group of friends at the home of his parents on Court Street with a party celebrating his birthday. After interesting games were played, a large birthday cake was cut and served with sandwiches and hot chocolate. Those present were Mary Louise Parker, Marjorie Ann Carter, Betty Ann Brumley, Martha Mae Edwards, Billie Johnston, Ellen Baker, Martha Sue Fain, Glendeen Fulks, Helen Parks, Loretta Matchett, Dorothy Sheofee, Emma Jean Turner, Elva Jones, Joe L. Matthews, Jack Holt, John Campbell, Gordon McHenry, Homer Wilkins Jr., James Favre, Bradford Govan, Earl Few Rogers, Billy Jean Wallace, H.P. and Bobby Barham and the host.


50 years ago 


William J. Clark, president of the Conway Chamber of Commerce, named a committee of 50 men and women to give impetus to the city’s street program. The street project was the Chamber of Commerce’s No. 1 project of the year. Clark said it was a necessary to get sufficient signatures to form a citywide improvement district for the proposed $1,800,000 citywide paving and drainage project. M.M. Satterfield was named chairman of the committee and Frank Robins III was vice chairman.

Safeway advertised the following for sale: Edwards coffee —  1-pound tin 49¢; red potatoes – 25-pound bag — 69¢; cello carrots — 2-16-ounce bags — 19¢; Sea Trader chunk tuna 4-6 ½ ounce tins — $1; empress apricot, grape, peach or plum preserves — 5-10-ounce jars — $1; 5-pound bag flour — 45¢; Grade A eggs — 42¢ dozen.


25 years ago


Four teams from Conway Middle School and one from Conway Junior High School would participate this week in the Olympics of the Mind competition at Fort Smith. Each team would demonstrate a project it had developed to deal with a specific situation. The situations varied from those related to science and mathematics to hose related to music, art and drama. The Conway teams would compete against other teams that had been given similar projects. The junior high team was told to design, build and drive a vehicle to be powered by one or two hydraulic jacks. Team members were Ken Burney, Cassie Glover, Paul Glover, Brooke Patterson, Jennifer Wofford and Jeff Boardman. Coaches were Judy Burney, Bill Burney, and Sharon Lessenberry. Middle school team members were Bobby Clark, Mike Mimms, Jon Robertson, Rachel Reese, Jared Young and Tee Jay Harris. The coach was Barbara Kinser Community helpers were Willard Reese, Jerry Mimms and Kerry Harris.


10 years ago 


With a fourth-place finish overall in the Arkansas Age Group Championships, the Hendrix Aquakids continued their steady rise to one of the top swim programs in the state. Four years ago, the Aquakids were 16th. Sarah Edwards and Brent McMillian each won high-point honors in the 10-year-old division and Eric Culberson of Mayflower won the 200 individual medley. McMillian won the 50-meter butterfly, 50 and 100 free and 100 IM; Edwards won the 50, 100, and 200 free, 50 breaststroke and 100 and 200 IM. Henderson took the 100 butterfly, 100 free and the 200 free. 

Fire ants were expanding their territory in Arkansas. Ants were 46 of Arkansas’ 75 counties. Since their accidental introduction at Mobile, Ala., in the 1920s, the ants had spread over eleven states in the South.