Conway’s spring and summer sports seasons are slowly approaching and league adult softball and youth baseball teams are starting to take shape. Clint Brock, the program director for the Conway Parks and Recreation Department said the excitement of playing at a new ball park is a highlight for the youth baseball program this year.

"As of right now we look like that we are going to surpass the number of youth that we had last year," Brock said. "I don’t know what the numbers are going to be yet, but they’re looking good, and obviously playing the new ball park has everyone excited. The kids that played fall ball played over there in the fall, but that was only one-third of the kids, so most of them haven’t played over there yet."

The City of Colleges Park will be home for the baseball league this season, before the league moves to its permanent home of Conway Station Park, which is formerly the YBMA Fairgrounds.

"There have been rave reviews about that complex already. It’s really nice," Brock said. "CBC hosted a softball tournament over there last week with 13 teams from Oklahoma, Nebraska and Kansas, along with some others came. All the teams said they loved the fields, and they said that we should even try to host a national championship there. Right now, it’s in Decatar, Ala. and all of them said these fields were nicer than the one there."

Brock said that Central Baptist College is hosting another tournament over at the complex next weekend, and teams from in-state will be in attendance. 

"It’s a good spot for the boys to play this year, until their park gets ready," Brock said. "The plans are to be playing over there at the new complex by spring next year. Everything is on schedule as of right now."

The season is set to begin in April, along with adult softball. There is an 80-team limit on adult softball teams in the league. There are many different divisions for the softball league, and there’s something for everyone at any skill. 

"We just held our annual coaches meeting on Monday and everything went well," Brock said. "It looks like that we are going to hit that 80-team mark, but that’s about all that we can take."

Brock noted that it’s going to take some creative scheduling since this ball park has one less field than the YBMA Fairgrounds did. The City of Colleges has six fields. The Pony league is currently playing at Curtis Walker Park.