The Mount Vernon Volunteer Fire Department responded to a natural gas well fire Friday night about two miles west of Highway 36 on Mt. Nebo Road.   

Kim McClung, a resident who lives near the well, said, "I was getting a fire started in the fireplace, and there was an explosion that shook the house.

"(My wife) came up out of the office and thought I had done something. I said, ‘Must have been a gas well explosion.’ We went outside and you could hear it, and we were about a mile from the well." 

Faulkner County Road Foreman Glenn Willhite said he believed that no one was injured in the explosion. 

County Judge Preston Scroggin said that he was not on the scene, but he was informed that it appeared the rig had hit an area of high-pressure gas in the sand formation, causing the well to catch fire.  

"It can be rather unsettling to neighbors, but there are safety protocols in place, and they worked. 

"It’s not uncommon. We’ll probably have more of these as they continue drilling and hit more formations," he said.

Keen Energy Services LLC was drilling at the site.