Robert Fredrickson, the man who had been accused of aggravated residential burglary, first-degree battery and kidnapping relating to the July 11 shooting of a probation officer in her home, was found not guilty on all charges by a Faulkner County jury Thursday afternoon.

Defense attorney Hubert Alexander, along with co-counsel Jon Johnson, introduced witness testimony informing the jury that Fredrickson was elsewhere when the crime occurred, and therefore couldn’t have been the assailant.

Alexander said late Thursday afternoon that the prosecution, headed by deputy prosecutors David Hogue and Chuck Clawson, "did a good job," but the evidence they presented failed, both in his opinion and those of the jurors, to convince the jury beyond a reasonable doubt. 

"We had witnesses that totally accounted for his whereabouts, and the police did not take this into account at all," Alexander said. "Instead, they did whatever the probation officer told them, and because of this Robert Fredrickson rotted in jail for eight months."

20th Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney Marcus Vaden said that the state’s best evidence was circumstantial, "as there was very little direct evidence that he did it." 

The victim was able to testify that she recognized her masked assailant’s voice and to an extent his features, Vaden said, though he was wearing a mask and gloves during the attack. The nature of the weapon used also provided the prosecution with little evidence, as it was the victim’s handgun.

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