Among reports recently released by the Conway Police Department:


1. Commission of a terroristic act at 200 block of Willow Street. Victim reported shots fired at a residence at about 1:10 a.m. on Wednesday. Officers arriving at the scene found six bullet holes under one of the residence’s windows facing the street. Seven people were in the home at the time of the shooting, six of them between the ages of 16 and 22, according to the report. No one was injured.

2. Aggravated residential burglary at 10 block of Griffith Street. Police responded early Sunday evening to reports of a residential burglary at the 10 block of Fairmont Drive, located a suspect identified in the report as 37-year-old DaJuan Robinson of 60 Fairmont Drive, and arrested him on suspicion of residential burglary after finding a cell phone in his pocket allegedly stolen in the burglary. While on the scene a resident of a nearby neighborhood approached police and identified Robinson as the man who had earlier in the evening broken into her residence and choked her, saying that he was hiding from the police.

3. Motor vehicle theft at 1700 block of South Salem Road. Victim reported leaving his black 2004 Infinity G35 sports coupé unlocked and with the keys in the ignition for a few moments Monday night as he smoked a cigarette on an apartment balcony. The victim said that he noticed his car speeding toward Salem Road and head north while on the balcony.

4. DWI/obstruction of government operations at 300 block of Western Avenue. At about 7:30 Monday afternoon an officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle that seemed to be driven erratically. When asking for the identity of the occupants of the vehicle, the front passenger said that he had no ID, but gave his name as Michael Joseph Schwedic of 1402 Southeastern Ave., Jacksonville, and his date of birth as 11/4/2006. "I questioned his DOB and he looked at me with a ‘deer in the headlights’ look and restated his DOB (as 11/4/2006)," the officer states in his report. "Even his friends started laughing about it..." Schwedic, his proper DOB having been obtained and his age verified as 20, was arrested for a probation absconder warrant out of Lonoke County. The driver, identified in the report as 20-year-old Jordan Charles Harris of 102 Sunflower Drive, Lonoke, was arrested on suspicion of first-offense DWI.

5. Aggravated assault at Dave Ward Drive and Amity Road. Victim reported that when he opened his door to speak to the driver of a blue Buick sedan who had almost rear-ended his vehicle late Tuesday morning, the driver of the Buick accelerated and hit his vehicle’s open door, stopped, and again accelerated backwards into the door before driving away.

6. Theft of property at 2000 block of Harkrider Street. Victim reported that, having received a $1,200 tax refund, she had decided to take an acquaintance to a convenience store and buy for him some cigarettes. The victim said that shortly after she placed her wallet on the counter, her acquaintance picked it up and ran out the door and went down Fleming Street.

7. Criminal mischief at 100 block of Applegate Drive. Late Tuesday afternoon a resident noticed what seemed to be an arrow stuck in a near-vertical position in his yard and another projecting from his roof at a similar angle, and called police. The officer conducted a search of the area and found what looked to be an archery target in the backyard of a nearby home. No one was home at this residence, but the officer told the resident that he would continue to try and make contact with the archer or archers and advise them where their arrows were landing.

(Those with information pertaining to these reports or any unsolved crime are urged to contact CPD’s tip line at 450-6135. Staff writer Joe Lamb can be reached at 505-1238.)