Ricky "Tadpole" Harrington recently announced his intent to seek Justice of the Peace for District 2. Harrington, a life-long resident of Greenbrier, filed Monday for the position.

Harrington said that after a visit with JP Dianna Kellar, her encouragement and others’ in the community prompted him to submit his candidacy. 

"The name Tadpole comes from a CB radio name 40 years ago that has stuck with me," Harrington said.

Harrington said Greenbrier has always been his home. He is a graduate of Greenbrier High School, and has only worked outside of the area for short times on construction projects.

"Being born and raised in Greenbrier I have seen a lot of changes the last 50 years, and with the natural gas drilling moving south, there will be many changes ahead. I know with the court complex and courthouse there will be issues. However, at the same time there are issues in and around our community that need a common sense approach and I would like to represent the people of District 2. I’ve always enjoyed helping others and this would give me the opportunity to continue this practice. 

"I am currently the owner and operator of a small business, so I can see the everyday needs of operating a business. Also, working as a bail bondsman in and around the courts and detention facility with the criminal justice systems, I see the needs. I’ve also worked road construction for a couple years and can see the needs in my district. I would like your vote and support in November," Harrington said.