The cause of the fire at a Donaghey Avenue apartment complex Saturday night that displaced 22 residents is still unknown.

However, Conway Fire Department division chief Kenny Wiedower said the fire originated in the bedroom of apartment 101. Arson may not seem as the likely cause at this point, but that’s not out of the question with the cause still being investigated.

"We’re not ruling it (arson) out," Wiedower said.

Residents in apartments 101-116 were displaced and housed by the Red Cross in a local hotel after the fire at 1405 S. Donaghey Ave. A 26-year-old male was severely burned and is believed to have been taken from Conway Regional Medical Center to Arkansas Children’s Hospital. Apartments 101 and 102 are a "complete loss," according to Wiedower, and apartment 103 may not be salvaged either.

Fire chief Bart Castleberry said residents in apartments 109-116 are able to move back in, but those in apartments 101-108 will still have to wait until more work can be done.

"(Apartments 104-108) are vacated because a firewall was breached," Wiedower said. "If it stays like that and another fire occurs, then it could completely destroy those apartments because there’s not that security measure there."

Christina Reaves, disaster action team coordinator for the Red Cross, said two families are still being housed in a local hotel. Others have gone to stay with family or friends.

"If people lost everything or there was heavy smoke damage, then we put them in a hotel for three nights," Reaves said. "We helped them with the necessities — food, clothing, shelter — and pointed them to local charities."

According to Reaves, five Red Cross Volunteers responded around 9 p.m. Saturday and stayed on the scene until 1:30 a.m. Sunday. She said the Red Cross is helping the residents affected with their necessities and made hotel arrangements for three nights.

"The Red Cross deals with immediate needs only, and then we point them to another agency," Reaves said. "They pick up where we left off."

Wilkinson's Mall donated a free pair of shoes to the residents affected.

No timetable has been set as to when a cause may be determined.

"They’ve done investigations, and are waiting until they get results back from the samples they took," Castleberry said.