VILONIA — Even on a full stomach, those attending the Taste of Italy on Thursday night were encouraged to walk the halls at Vilonia Elementary and take home the work of a budding artist.

About 400 gathered to eat spaghetti before they made the Artwalk. Students used their imagination to create pieces of art using different colors and techniques on subjects ranging from cartoon characters to famous people. Observing the pieces, parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles could be heard reading aloud the names of the pint sized artists along with a bit of their personal information.  

Many of the budding artists related that art was simply a hobby and that they have different plans for their grown up years. Many expressed desires to pursue careers as policemen, firemen, doctors, lawyers, soldiers and veterinarians. Yet, there were other aspirations as well. For instance, in the kindergarten classes, Jessica Lemarr wants to dig for diamonds, Tabatha Atkinson wants to be a dishwasher, Connor Eary wants to be a pig farmer and Levi Henderson wants to work for the Vilonia Waterworks. In the first-grade class, Matthew Baker wants to be a monster truck driver and Blake Hillenburg wants to be a zookeeper. In the second-grade classes, Laney Hulett wants to be a rescuer, Trace Freeman wants to be a shoemaker, Hunter Echols wants to be a car dealer and Nikki Thorton wants to be cowgirl or work at Subway. 

Those wanting to take an art piece home could do so for a $1 donation to the school. 

Also, in the cafeteria a silent dessert auction was ongoing with each class raising money. A cheesecake reportedly brought in the most money raising $65. Proceeds of the fundraiser will go toward PTVO and the fine arts at Vilonia Elementary.