Student organizations on the campus of the University of Central Arkansas kicked off their second annual Green Week on Monday.

Shay Clark, volunteer from the Student Government Association, said the inaugural day was focused narrowly on residential student organizations, but the coming days will involve several businesses and organizations in Conway, Little Rock and surrounding areas.

Names of participating sponsors include The Ride, Green Corner Store, Caldwell Toyota, Conway Advocates for Bicycles, the Winthrop Rockefeller Institute, La Lucha space, EcoFest, Conway Locally Grown, Love Food Hate Waste, Village Commons, Heifer International, Russellville Earth Day, Central Arkansas Sierra Club, Freyaldenhoven Nursery and several others who supported the students with T-shirts and supplies.

Green Week festivities are located in the student center courtyard on campus. The group held a trash sorting competition called “Pass it or trash it” where students had 30 seconds to grab “clean trash items” and sort them in their respective bins.

Clark said that activity, and others to come, will help educate students about the proper recycling policies and tighten up the recycling program UCA implemented two years ago when recycling bins were placed in dorm halls.
Two months ago, Clark said, bins were placed outside by the SGA and UCA physical plant, giving students the option to recycle or throw away items.
“This week will highlight student resources and boost student involvement. Being involved with organizations is an easier way to learn,” Brittany Edwardes, another volunteer said. “And community support has been amazing.”

Edwardes said Tuesday’s activities would be larger, as local musicians Michael Sutterfield and Paul Sammons, along with the band Cerro Gordo would be playing in the court yard during X-period.
“Wednesday will be huge,” Edwardes said. 

Wednesday will feature a planting event with plants, seeds and soil being donated by Freyaldenhoven Nursery.
On Thursday, Conway Mayor Tab Townsell will speak to students and SGA and Conway Advocates for Bicycles will kick off the UCA Bike Rental program. 

“The bike rental program will be great for international students, as well as reduce parking on the campus,” Edwardes said.

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