75 years ago  


Governor Futrell signed the Thorn package sale liquor bill, thus ending the 19-year prohibition period in Arkansas. With his signature, the shipment of whiskey into the state was permitted. The Thorn package sales bill levied a wholesaler’s license fee of $1,500 annually and a $400 retailers annual license fee. It permitted beer of an alcoholic content of 5 percent to be sold, as well as wine up to 21 percent content and all kinds of spirits and brandies and alcohol. Retail stores could sell during the hours from 7 a.m. to 1 a.m. on weekdays, but were forbidden to sell on Sunday or election days. Upon signature of 35 percent of the voters of any county, an election was made mandatory to decide whether liquor was to be prohibited in that county.


50 years ago 


Tomorrow would be the anniversary of the location of Hendrix College at Conway. At 2 a.m. on March 22, 1890, the Board of Trustees of Hendrix College, Altus, voted to remove the college to Conway. The board had been in morning, afternoon and night sessions for four days. Large delegations had come from Altus, Conway, Clarksville, Arkadelphia, Van Buren, Searcy and Morrilton, and each had his city’s claim to present, as did representative from Little Rock. The college was located at Conway on the basis of a guaranteed bonus of $55,000 plus a campus site. The first building, Tabor Hall, was erected during the summer of 1890, and it constituted the entire "plant" of the college during its first session in Conway, which opened in September 1890.

Bill Johnson, a senior at Arkansas State Teachers College, was elected as Chairman of the Faulkner County Young Democrats Club. Other officers chosen were Paul McNutt, vice chairman; Kelly Watson, secretary, and Capp Shanks, treasurer.



25 years ago


Thirty-three of the 330 Conway High School seniors were named 1985 honor graduates. Students who had achieved at least a 3.5 overall grade-point average for ninth grade though the first semester of the 12th grade included the following: Kerry Jo Arn, Vickie Sue Barnes, John T. Beasley, Candace Kimberly Condon, Aimee Michelle Dunn, Lori Lea Griffith, Samuel Patrick Hasty, Ronald Wayne Hays, Lavon Michele Heffington, Robert Merrill Johnson, Dwight Lasker, Lesley Anne Lipsmeyer, Regina Sue McGee, Robbie Jo Marvel, Lauri K. Meddress, Heidi Elizabeth Mills, Leland Bradley Morgan, Ronald H. Morris Jr., Sarah Ann Pew, Timothy Dean Pike, Jamie Paulette Pollard, Holly Susan Price, Christie Lynn Robinette, Jamye Ann Schneider, Eric Sharp, Andrea Margaret Simon, Brian James Smith, Paul Andrew Smith, Nancy Spatz, Kathryn A. Stewart, Kecia S. Stuart, and Matthew Mason Teer.


10 years ago 


Kindell Parker and Charlie Roller, seniors at Vilonia High School, were named Citizens of the Year. They were selected by the teachers and administrators of VHS for their leadership equalities and involvement in school and community activities.

The University of Arkansas at Fayetteville announced the fall 1999 Chancellor’s list. To be on the list students had to have a 4.0 grade point average. Conway residents named to the list were John Avaltroni, Amanda Bell, Jeremy Bruner, Ryan Crawford, Christopher Deboard, Scot Gatlin, Stephanie Gosnell, Nick Haertle, Lee Lockhart, Jessica Nichols, Charles Schaffer, Jevin Smith, Laura Squires, Richard "Buddy" Vernon, Jenny Walker, Ann-Elizabeth Williams and Katherine Woodruff. Brandon Martin of Greenbrier and Jason Brannon and Candice Schrock, both of Vilonia, were also named to the list.