The Conway City Council will be presented two proposals for dealing with the issue of tobacco in city parks at Tuesday night's meeting, one involving designated smoking areas and the other banning tobacco outright.

The issue will be discussed at the pre-meeting committee session, scheduled for 5:30 p.m. before the normal 6:30 p.m. meeting in the District Court building at 801 Parkway St., during which an ordinance addressing the tobacco issue is slated to be considered.

In other parks business, the council will also consider an ordinance amending city code pertaining to boat docks Beaverfork Lake to do away with the need for council approval before a dock can be built. As proposed, those wanting to build a dock on the lake would be permitted to do so if plans for the dock meet existing engineering standards.

The council will also consider about $1.16 million in line-item cuts from the Conway Sanitation Department’s asset replacement fund and about $191,000 in cuts from the general fund. Generally speaking, these cuts have been discussed by the council as responses to the city’s reserve fund shortfall, Mayor Tab Townsell said.

"It’s part of what we identified a little while ago as cost-cutting so we can replenish our reserve accounts to what we consider safe," Townsell said. "This is a matter of housekeeping by way of going back and making our adopted budgetary ordinances reflect those cost-cutting measures. 

In other business, the council will consider:

• A resolution authorizing the Mayor to acknowledge a unanimous consent of bondholders relating to the City’s’ outstanding taxable industrial development revenue bonds (Hewlett Packard Company Project);

• The nominations to the Conway Corporation Board of Directors and the Conway Civil Service Commission;

• A resolution establishing the intent of the City of Conway to annex certain lands compromised of 73.8 acres located north of Highway 319, west of Conway City Limits commonly known as Cadron Settlement Park (the city is leasing the land currently from the Army Corps of Engineers for a token amount); 

• An ordinance revising the nuisance abatement and property maintenance chapter of the Conway Municipal Code and revising the sign ordinance penalties and fines; 

• An ordinance to rezone property located south of Bay Town Drive at the western terminus of Burnt Pine Drive from A-1 to R-1;

• An ordinance to rezone property located at 1915 Rich Smith Drive from O-1 to MF-3;

• An ordinance amending the Conway Sign Ordinance, (section 1301) in reference to pre-existing non-conforming signs (removes the language "except in the case of street relocation" from the provision that, "A legally established sign which fails to conform to this Ordinance shall be allowed continued use except that the sign shall not be expanded, moved, or relocated, except in the case of street relocation.);

• Discussion of an unauthorized boat dock located on Beaverfork Lake at 26 Lakeview Drive;

• An ordinance appropriating funds for asphalt paving and stripping of the additional parking lot at City of College Park;

• An agreement with Youth Softball Association of Conway (YSAC) and the University of Central Arkansas for rental use of Jefferson D. Farris Junior Softball Fields;

• An ordinance appropriating funds from the District Court automation fund for a surveillance system;

• A maintenance agreement with Otis Elevator for Central Police Station; 

• And an agreement with the Arkansas Cooperative Extensive Service.