Greenbrier’s Donald Blakley was the first person to take a polygraph test during the weigh-in on the final day of the Bass Pro Shops Crappie Masters Ultimate Challenge One-Pole event.

As it turned out, being the first one to take the lie-detector test meant Blakley, 37, and his partner Marvin Deckard of Clinton, Mo., had done a good thing.

Blakley and Deckard took home the Ultimate Challenge championship trophy and a top prize of $6,000 for winning the two-day crappie fishing tournament on Lake Conway, with a total weight of 23.09. The second place pair of Kent Driscoll and John Harrison followed in with total weight of 18.43.

"This feels great. It’s was a chance in a lifetime," Blakley said. "I fish on this lake quite a bit. I’m a current member of the Lake Conway Bass Club, and I’ve fished this lake for about 15 years. This is a great lake, and I think that we ought to be proud that we were able to have an event like this right here in our own backdoor."

Blakley said both he and his partner were fishing with a Mid-South crappie jig, with a striped jig-head. With the win, Blakley and Deckard have automatically qualified for the national championship on Truman Lake in October. The winning pair may have another slight advantage going to Truman Lake because Deckard is a guide on the lake. 

"It was two good days of fishing for those guys and both guys can really jig fish," Crappie Masters vice president Bobby Brown said. "Where Marvin is from on Truman Lake, there is a lot of jig fishing with a bunch of trees. Those two guys make a good team. We’ll see what both of them will do up there on Truman in the championships in a few months."

Organizers from Crappie Masters are trying to make a decision on coming back to Conway for a state championship next year. There were 80 boats entered in the tournament, with 160 anglers participating.

"The city and everybody has been absolutely fantastic," Brown said. "We appreciate everything that the Chamber has done and the A&P Commission. Everybody has been fantastic and we are looking to hopefully come back here."

1. Blakley, Deckard — 23.09

2. K. Driscoll, J. Harrison — 18.43

3. M. Snider, J. Albin — 18.07

4. C. Shaw, J. Shaw — 15.55

5. C. Bunting, T. Bunting — 15.33

6. Ma. Huey, Mi. Huey — 15.29

7. R. German, H. German — 14.98

8. J. Hartley, K. Wilson — 14.49

9. D. Bayles Sr., S. Bayles — 12.85

10. D. Bayles Jr., D. Weatherly — 12.67