VILONIA — Four-year-old Emily Martin of Vilonia would like for hunters to be aware the Easter bunny is making appearances in Faulkner County, and she wants everyone to put away the guns.

"Easter bunnies aren’t good for cooking," Emily shared. "Only bringing eggs." 

Emily was one of about 125 children attending the annual Community Easter Egg Hunt at the Vilonia City Park on Sunday afternoon. A talkative Emily explained, before the hunt, that the only thing the Easter bunny is afraid of is hunters.

"Easter bunnies give eggs," Emily said. "Plain bunnies just hop. A plain bunny is short. An Easter bunny is 30 inches and weighs 30 pounds, and they are afraid of guns. People don’t need to shoot them. They are right here now. They come at spring break." 

Other children also weighed in on the subject. Emily McBay, 9, emphatically believes the Easter bunny is real and an animal to be held in high regard.  


"My mom wouldn’t lie to me," she said. 

However, she was a bit confused as to why the brown Easter bunny made an appearance Sunday afternoon instead of the most famous Peter Cottontail.

"I think he died his hair this year," she said, followed by a laugh. "Last year, he was white." 

Most of the children polled said they believed in the Easter bunny and they had good things to say about him. He was even more popular with some than Santa Claus. However, there’s no fooling 3-year-old Jesse Lee. He didn’t waste a breath but instead used a head shake to convey that he is a non-believer. 

As far as Clint Slicer, 3, he really doesn’t care if the Easter bunny is real or a not. But, he’s a tad bit afraid of him, either way. His greatest interest, he said, is hunting the eggs that he hides. 

"Did you see?" he asked. "I beat all those other silly kids. I’ve got cake in my tummy, and I’m pretty fast." 

Members of the Vilonia Lions Club, which sponsored the event, hid about 1,800 eggs. Billy Mitchell of the Lions Club said the turnout was fairly good but light compared to last year where 300 or so children were in attendance. The Vilonia Fire Department provided the ride for the Easter bunny on a fire truck.