A 20-year-old Conway man was arrested Monday and charged with the alleged rape of a 12-year-old Conway female.

According to a report provided by the Conway Police Department, officers were dispatched to the McGee Center on College Avenue where it was reported that two white males were holding down a black male.

Upon arrival, officers were told by a nearby woman, the victim’s mother, that the black male had sex with her 12-year-old daughter, and the two white males were her relatives.

The suspect told officers that on the previous Friday, he and the victim “had consensual sex between two trailers.”

The report states that the suspect met the victim at the McGee Center, and she asked him for his phone number, which he provided.

In a text message conversation spanning two days, the suspect was advised of the victim’s age, and she was advised of his.

“He told her 20 and she told him she was 12, but she still liked him,” the report stated.

Chris Harris, public information officer for the Conway Police Department said that through detectives’ investigation, it was determined that the suspect “did indeed have inappropriate sexual contact with the 12-year-old victim.”

According to Prosecuting Attorney Marcus Vaden, that statutory rape law deems persons under the age of 14 unable to lawfully give their consent to sexual contact.

“Even though it may be consensual, by law, they are not old enough to give their consent. If a person has sexual intercourse or sexual contact with someone under that age, it is considered rape,” Vaden said.

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