A Vietnam veteran who wishes to remain anonymous delivered 20 box fans to the Conway Fire Department on Friday to be distributed to area residents in need.

“I’ve known this gentleman for quite some time. This was from his heart and not anything the department has done. We’re going to be the handoff point,” Chief Bart Castleberry said. “He bought them, delivered them, and he doesn’t want to be named. I think that speaks volumes.”

Castleberry said the man told him that he had “been there” and understands the situation.

According to Castleberry, the CFD has responded to a few heat related emergencies since summer officially began.

“Summertime in Arkansas is hard with the high heat and humidity. People who don’t have fans or air conditioning, especially the elderly — it’s a big problem.”

Senior Forecaster John Lewis with the North Little Rock National Weather Service said the immediate area has seen a handful of heat advisories, all of which were implemented in June.

The conditions that combine to warrant a heat advisory are high temperatures and high humidity.

“When you combine those temperatures with humidity, it gives you a hotter feeling,” Lewis said. “We get concerned when the index goes above 105 degrees.”
Lewis said the heat index for Central Arkansas has exceeded 105 a few times this year.

“When it is humid and hot, your body’s cooling mechanism doesn’t work well. The way your body cools itself is to sweat, and when the sweat evaporates, your body temperature lowers. When humidity is in the air, there’s less evaporation.”

Lewis said if the body is unable to cool itself for a sustained period of time, it will eventually begin to shut down.

“When there’s a heat advisory, the tips are to drink cool water, or get to an air conditioner.”

Castleberry said anyone in need of a fan may ask for one at the fire station, but supplies are limited.

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