VILONIA — Sue Noggle buys a lot of items that appeal to her. 

She hopes the same items will appeal to others while they are shopping at Antiques and Uniques, her newly opened six-room flea market in Vilonia.

Noggle purchased a house at 964 Arkansas Highway 64 in March and opened it this month as a business. The rooms are overflowing with unusual items and guests are invited to take their time while exploring. There are modern decorator items including a Japanese-style fountain, framed prints, desks, artwork and pillows.  

The majority of the items, however, are antiques. That’s apparent at a glance. A closer look, one can spot cast iron candle holders, old glass door knobs, pottery, glassware,  a forged iron potholder to be used over a fireplace, a buggy step, one of a kind pieces of jewelry, old tin types with people wearing mourning clothing, military medals as well as four Elizabeth II coronation buttons and a camel back trunk. 

"I personally like handmade, American primitives," Noggle said. 

And, she noted that she has many for sale including one of her favorites a large wooden box made from "pumpkin pine." The piece features wide boards with square nails on the front and splayed sides as well as barn hinges. She used the piece in her house, she said, for several years to hold and display quilts. 

"I bought this in Iowa," she said. "We were on a vacation, and it was in a yard sale. I just love it."

An immigrant trunk with a date of 1881 and a couple of initials on it as well as blacksmith forged hinges rests in another room with a price tag of $350. 

"This probably came over on a covered wagon," she said. "I love this too."

On a table nearby, a shopper can see a 1930’s table cloth made from a floral design material and a variety of other vintage linens. 

"I really feature vintage linen," Noggle added. 

That room also houses a floor model radio that once filled the airwaves with the likes of programming such as Lum and Abner. A shaker rocker with a slat back and wear on the arms sits in another room.

"Look at the wear on the arms," Noggle points out. "Beautiful. This is probably 200 years old."

Displayed are handmade quilts featuring different patterning. Some of them, Noggle said, were made by her relatives years ago and are just for decoration while others are ready to go to a new home with a buyer.

"Quilts are very collectible," she shared.  

Noggle not only sells, but she also buys. To do that, she must keep up with the current market which is another aspect of the business that she enjoys. 

She said she was bitten by the antiquing bug while attending auctions and estate sales many years ago. 

"I loved it from the first estate auction that I went to," Noggle said. 

She began, she said, by buying things she intended to use in her house. 

"It got to the point, I had more than I could use," she said. 

Thus, she opened her first flea market about 20 years ago, Pioneer Day Antiques, in Greenbrier. Selling it, she opened a second flea market in Morrilton. After about eight years of being in business there, she also sold that flea market and moved to Heber Springs and opted for retirement. In 2001, her first husband died leaving her a widow. About three years ago, she married J.C. Noggle, who grew up in Vilonia. 

The couple moved to Vilonia in August combining two households into one winding up with too many items to fit in only one house. That was inspiration for Noggle to go back into resale business. 

Antiques and Uniques is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Thursday though Saturday.