Among reports recently released by the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office:

1. Alleged bigamy at 2400 block of Landover Trail, Conway. Victim reported Wednesday that her husband moved to the United States and married other women. The victim stated that she and her husband were married in Mexico in 1990. Her husband later left the victim and her family when he moved to the United States. The victim stated that she has documentation showing her husband married a woman in Faulkner County in 1997, then divorced her in 2003. He married his current wife in 2004. The victim stated that there is no documentation of their divorce and they are still married.

2. Littering at 1 block of Odom Road, Conway. Victim reported Wednesday that when she arrives at her daycare in the morning she has found used condoms in the playground and on the property. The victim stated that this has been happening for some time.

3. Suspicious activity at 20 block of Rock Crusher Road, Conway. Victim reported Wednesday that an unknown male attempted to make contact with her children while they were playing in the yard. The victim stated that the male pulled into the driveway and told her son that he “had a package and to come and get it.” The child ran inside, and when the victim’s husband came outside, the suspect fled the scene. The suspect is described as a white male, possibly 20-30 years old, driving a silver Nissan Altima. The vehicle was missing the passenger side front hub cap.

4. Larceny at 1 block of Goss Lane, Conway. Victim reported July 6 that his medication had been stolen from his mailbox. The victim stated that the postal service confirmed that the medication had been delivered. The victim said that a relative had been picking up his mail for him at the time.

5. Accidental self-inflicted gun shot at 140 block of Laramie Road, Greenbrier. Victim reported July 4 that she had been shot in the leg. The victim stated that she was checking her fence line because she had been having problems with someone bothering her property, when she bumped into a tree and accidentally pulled the trigger, shooting herself in the leg.

(Those with information pertaining to these reports or any unsolved crime are urged to contact FCSO at 450-4914. Staff writer Stephanie Fischer can be reached at 505-1238.)