UPDATE: CPD to make statement on shooting at 3 p.m.

UPDATE: According to a woman at the scene who claims to be the victim's mother-in-law, the victim is Christopher Childress. Police say one man is in custody after a shooting in the Conway Police Department’s Front Street parking lot.

CPD public information officer Chris Harris said one man was shot, and the shooter is in custody. Coroner Pat Moore said the victim, Christopher Childress, was shot multiple times in the torso. The incident occurred at about 1:20 p.m.

Alex Sellers, who said he heard the shots, said the two men apparently got into a confrontation in the parking lot and then four or five shots were fired.

“It was chaos, just a lot of chaos,” Alex Sellers said. “There were cops running everywhere, a lot of confusion.”

An employee working at the Firestone auto shop across the street said he heard the shots then watched a man in a green shirt walk into the police department lobby, apparently to turn himself in, the witness said.

“You don’t think about these things happening in Conway,” Sellers said. “Just another evil thing in an evil world.”

CPD investigators are still at the scene marking evidence and surveying the crime scene. Blood saturated the parking lot next to an evidence marker.

CPD Lt. Susan Wilson said no other information was available, and investigators would release more information this afternoon.