Area motorists lined up at gas pumps wielding gas cans, lawnmowers, boats, ATVs and RVs, basically anything that burns gasoline, to take advantage of falling gas prices at dueling service stations outside of Greenbrier on Thursday. 

Valero and Flying W Food Mart in the Springhill area each dropped the price of regular unleaded gas to $1.99 a gallon in what one attendant described as a “price war.”

On Facebook Wednesday night, local residents discussed the dropping prices they had seen throughout the day. 

Those with full gas tanks were bemoaning the opportunity to take advantage of the dropping prices.

A sign on the door of Valero read “No more than 100 gallons of gas per purchase.”

“We’re just staying competitive with our neighbors,” said Crystal Ferguson, a store clerk at Valero.  

Ferguson said that the prices had been lowered since Wednesday afternoon and that the gas station had already sold out of gas several times.

“We had to stop traffic to get our gas tanker out of the parking lot,” Ferguson said. “They just delivered 74,000 gallons.  We’ve run out of gas two times already since last night.”

Ferguson said that she did not know when the prices would be raised again. “Hopefully we’ll keep it this way for awhile.”

At the neighboring Flying W Food Mart, an attendant said that the station had also sold out of gas twice.  

“We had one truck come in yesterday afteroon and we sold out of gas last night,” said store clerk Danny Wilcox. “We had another truck come in at 6 a.m. and we had sold out again by 11 and another truck has just arrived.”

Wilcox said he didn’t know when prices would be raised again, but the station was prepared to keep the prices lowered in competition with Valero. 

“It’s a war with Valero,” Wilcox said. “We’ll keep our prices low until they raise their prices again.”

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