Among reports recently released by the Conway Police Department:


1. Breaking or entering at 1700 block of Centennial Club Drive. Victim reported that sometime between 2 and 9 a.m. Sunday, someone entered her vehicle and took $70. The victim stated that the contents of her wallet were scattered throughout the vehicle, but the money was the only thing missing. The victim said the vehicle had been left unlocked.

2. Theft of property at 3100 block of Irby Drive. Victim reported Sunday that someone stole several items from his back patio while he was away on his honeymoon. Missing from the residence were a black mini fridge, a set of golf clubs, soccer balls and an unopened UPS package, which was later determined to be a stainless steel canister set. The victim believes he may know the suspects. The mini fridge was later returned to the residence by a juvenile neighbor who said it was given to him by the possible suspects.

3. Battery at 1155 Skyline Dr. (Walmart). Officers responded to a possible fight Thursday inside Walmart. The victim stated that she was in the checkout aisle with two friends and her sister. The victim said the man in front of them asked them a question. She thought he asked if they would like to go in front of him in line, and the victim responded, "yes." The suspect became angry and told the victim he was going to "choke slam" her. The suspect allegedly punched the victim twice in the face. The pair were separated until officers arrived. The suspect told authorities that he was a secret agent and that it was illegal for someone to eavesdrop on his conversations. The suspect stated that he was having a conversation with someone in his head. When the suspect caught the victim listening to his conversation, he asked her if she was eavesdropping and she said, "yes." The suspect said the voice told her that she had committed a crime and needed "to be dealt with." The suspect was transported to the Faulkner County Detention Center.

4. Criminal mischief at 1600 block of Chicot Drive. Victim reported Friday that someone had written obscene language on the driver’s side windows of his vehicle. The victim stated that he did not know of any possible suspects. Officers located a window chalk marker near the residence.

5. Criminal mischieft at 800 block of Third Street. Victim reported Friday that her vehicle had been vandalized. The victim stated the rear hatch, right rear quarter panel and passenger side front and rear doors had been scratched to the metal. Obscene language had been written on the window with what appeared to be Silly String. The gas tank door was open and the gas cap was removed. The victim stated that it appeared that something sticky had been put in the gas tank. The victim did not know of any possible suspects.

6. Breaking or entering at 723 Parkway St. (Nu-U Day Spa and Salon). Two victims reported vehicle break-ins Sunday near the business. The first victim reported that the passenger side window of her car had been broken and $70 and a Sony digital camera were missing from her purse. The victim stated that a pair of socks had been used to wipe blood off the purse. The second victim reported that the passenger side window of her vehicle had been broken and her purse was missing. The purse was recovered between the two buildings. The victim stated that $60 was still missing. A ceramic piece of a spark plug was located near both of the vehicles and identified as a possible tool used to break the windows.

(Those with information pertaining to these reports or any unsolved crime are urged to contact CPD’s tip line at 450-6135. Staff writer Stephanie Fischer can be reached at 505-1238.)