This year’s sixth- and seventh-graders attending Greenbrier Middle School will be the first students to occupy the new, nearly completed building. 

The $6 million school building sits at the previous lot of Dean Martin, the first school building in the district.

"It hasn’t been turned over to us yet, but it’s close," Greenbrier superintendent Scott Spainhour said. "They are paving right now. There’s a lot of cleanup to do. The furniture has been delivered and a few things need to be moved in.

"They’re in the process of putting the phone systems in offices today. We should have all communications to classrooms and data for computers updated by next week."

The building contains 16 regular classrooms, a media center, a computer lab, administrative office space and small student work rooms.

"It’s not a green building, but we took a lot of the same models from Wooster Elementary," Spainhour said. "We wanted it to be energy efficient with a lot of natural light. It was a similar design. We were not seeking LEED certification, but at the same time, we wanted it to be energy efficient to provide cost savings down the road."

The building that served as Greenbrier’s Middle School up until the end of the school year will remain empty for the time being, according to Spainhour.

Spainhour said the building will undergo cosmetic changes and will be used for classroom space for the district’s projected growth in the 2001-12 school year.

The district expands by an average of 85 students per year, Spainhour said.

Greenbrier will be responsible for approximately 40 percent of construction, furniture and fixture costs. The rest will be paid through the School Partnership Program with the Department of Education.

The state participation amount is near $2.8 million.

Greenbrier Middle School will house 475-500 students when the 2010-11 school year starts Aug. 19.

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