The City of Conway Parks and Recreation Department will begin to draw down Beaverfork Lake starting Sept. 20.

According to Parks Director Brian Knopp, the department draws down the lake every four to five years so that shoreline property owners may repair boat docks and assess weed growth.

“There’s also quite a bit of shoreline around the park, and when the area dries out, we’ll bush hog around the shore,” Knopp said.

The measure is a request of some of the lake property owners.

Knopp said the process could last from six weeks to three months. The department maintains a valve on a concrete pier near Highway 25 that will be opened slightly at first, allowing water to run into spillway and drainage areas.

Depending on rainfall, the valve will be opened more.

“We try to work with the nearby farmers as well. Initially we don’t open it wide so we can keep it in the creek. Depending on the rain, we’ll open it wider in the fall,” Knopp said.

Knopp said that local fishermen “love it when (the department) does this.”

“The fishermen love it because it concentrates fish into pools around the lake and fishing becomes excellent. They just love it.”

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