A Conway man was arrested Sunday morning after hitting a Conway Corp. truck and fleeing from police.

Tony Jefferson, Jr., of 508 1st Avenue No. 4, was arrested by Faulkner County Sheriff’s deputies and charged with aggravated assault.

According to the police report, a Conway Corp. employee noticed a white Cadillac pulling away from the Conway Corp. water treatment plant. The employee stated that he blocked the vehicle from leaving and told the driver to wait for the police. The victim said the driver then drove the Cadillac into the rear of the Conway Corp. truck.

The employee said the driver got out of the car and came towards him with his hands in his pockets. The victim moved the Conway Corp. truck, believing the suspect possibly had a weapon. However, the employee was able to block the entrance again, while the suspect got back into the Cadillac. The suspect proceeded to hit both the truck and gate, while trying to get around the vehicle. The employee said the suspect backed up and hit the passenger side of the truck, as well.

According to the employee, the suspect went to the trunk of his vehicle. Unsure of what the suspect might do, the employee moved the Conway Corp. truck out of the entrance.

The suspect then drove away towards Stanley Russ Road and continued onto Sturgis.

The employee followed the Cadillac south on Sturgis and said the suspect was waving a gun at him.

Conway police began pursuit of the suspect after the white Cadillac was spotted driving recklessly northbound on Sturgis. Officers estimated the Cadillac’s speed at 90 mph. Multiple cars were forced off the road during the pursuit. Officers saw the suspect pass a vehicle on Round Mountain Road, causing the vehicle to swerve into the ditch.

Officers lost sight of the vehicle near Cox Road, but began a search in the area.

The suspect was apprehended by Faulkner County Sheriff’s deputies about 20 minutes later after a trespassing call at 540 Sturgis.

After being transported to the Faulkner County Detention Center, Jefferson told officers that he pulled into the water treatment plant "to roll a blunt." He stated that he did not remember anything before officers attempted to pull him over. Jefferson said that he ingested "a double stack of ecstasy that was cocaine based and some marijuana" when he spotted Conway police.

The white Cadillac was wrecked and located at 454 Sturgis.

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