An agreement was reached between the prosecution and defense in the case against three family members from Vilonia accused of stealing thousands of dollars from the high school’s athletic department.

Ricky Huey, Rebecca Huey and Ruth Huey, all of Vilonia, were arrested in October 2009 and charged with stealing gate money at Vilonia sporting events.

In court proceedings Tuesday, all parties agreed to a tentative deal, according to Deputy Prosecuting Attorney David Hogue.

Hogue said the Hueys will be required to pay a six-figure sum in restitution to the Vilonia School District. They have until Oct. 18 to gather the necessary funds. Hogue said the Hueys will be allowed to move or liquidate their assets to cover the required restitution.

The Hueys were arrested Oct. 16 following a Vilonia High School football game. According to reports, Vilonia police recovered more than $3,500 from the three suspects after the game.

Ricky and Rebecca Huey had their bonds revoked after weapons were discovered at their home. Vilonia police executed a search warrant in November and found five firearms at the couple’s residence at 5 Simmons Drive in Vilonia.

Ricky Huey is charged with 10 counts of felony theft of property. Rebecca Huey was charged with three counts of felony theft of property, and Ruth Huey was charged with one count of felony theft of property.

According to school officials, the Hueys volunteered as gate keepers at Vilonia athletic events for about 10 years. Ricky Huey and Ruth Huey served as school aides prior to the incident.

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