D.C. Morrison, conservative Democrat of Little Rock and former senatorial candidate against Blanche Lincoln and Bill Halter, addressed the Faulkner County Tea Party on Thursday night at the group’s fourth and largest venue — Central Baptist College’s Burgess Auditorium.

Morrison delivered personal accounts of his experiences with the Lincoln campaign, his grievances against elected officials and the burden of responsibility that he believes has been placed on him, and the individual American to “preserve liberty.”

Morrison told the audience that, while campaigning, he received a phone call from someone he believed to be of Lincoln’s office.

“I got a call during the campaign, asking me to drop out of the race,” Morrison said. “They said there were other ways I could serve. I don’t need them to tell me how I can serve. We lost, but I think we made a difference, and I am proud of that.”

Morrison used his shoes as an example of fiscal responsibility in contrast with government spending.
“I bought these shoes in 1973, and they are still good shoes,” Morrison said. “Our politicians should respect the dollar like we do, but they do not.”

Morrison committed to opposing any official who had or plans to vote for President Barack Obama in the future.

“I do not oppose him because of the color of his skin, I oppose him because his ideas do not work,” Morrison said. “I will oppose any official who voted for him or any that plans to do so again.”
Morrison criticized the Obama administration for “socializing medical care” and said he believes Obama “has no narrative of life in the U.S.”

A portion of Thursday’s program was reserved for a question-and-answer session with Morrison and a “meet and greet.”

The group also discussed the upcoming Nov. 2 election and shared information for signing up with conservative campaigns.

The party will remain bi-partisan and will not endorse a candidate.

FCTP Chairman David Crow announced that the county group’s membership has reached more than 225.

Crow also declared the party’s intention to place one of their “watchdogs,” now monitoring the City Council, the Faulkner County Quorum Court, and the Conway School Board of Education, at the University of Central Arkansas’ Board of Trustees meetings.

The Faulkner County Tea Party will meet again for its monthly meeting at 7 p.m. Sept. 9 at the Burgess Auditorium on the CBC campus.

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