With more than 50 vehicle break-ins reported since Aug. 1, the Conway Police Department is urging residents to take precautions when leaving their vehicles unattended.

According to CPD Public Information Officer Chris Harris, Conway police have responded to 55 vehicle breaking or entering reports in the last three weeks. Most of the reports involve unlocked vehicles.

Harris encouraged residents to lock their vehicle doors and set the car alarm if possible. Citizens should not leave valuables in their vehicles, especially in plain sight.

"We’ve had a lot of problems with purses and wallets being stolen," Harris said. "If you have to leave valuables in the vehicle, lock them in the trunk. Don’t leave them out in the open, especially in the front seat.

"Even spare change can entice a criminal to break into your vehicle."

Conway police have had 372 vehicle breaking or entering reports since Jan. 1, Harris said. Nearly half of those reports involved vehicles that were left unlocked.

Harris said even locking the doors can help deter suspects from the vehicle.

"Criminals will move on to an easier target," Harris said. "They are looking for crimes of opportunity."

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