Before you read any further, I’m just going to warn you: Dieters beware. It’s almost all about food today. OK, proceed.

In the shopping center at Donaghey Avenue and Meadowlake Road, signs have recently gone up indicating that Shipley’s will open there.

This particular location has been the home of several restaurants, but few have managed to stick very long. Years ago, a coffee shop made a good run, and Seattle Grill was also established there for a few years. At least two other restaurants that I can recall made a go at that location.

However, my thinking is that Shipley’s will be just the thing for that spot. It has a drive-through, and people coming from the surrounding neighborhoods can swing by on their way to work. Also, I’m no economist or any kind of expert, but after so many attempts at that location, I’m thinking a well-known entity is a good bet to keep that spot occupied.

Moving on, a banner is up on Amity Road announcing The Hole in the Wall Café is coming in September. The restaurant will serve home cooking. There was no indication where exactly the café would be located, so I guess we can all look forward to that.

Speaking of banners, there was one up at Shakes, the frozen custard drive-through place on Harkrider Street near Walmart. It said Shakes is moving to Oak Street next to Wendy’s. A quick call to the business turned up the address 317 Oak St., and a look in the phone book tells me that was formerly the office of Child Support Enforcement. If you read this column last week, you’ll recall that Covington Properties just started renovating that building. So, if two plus two equals four, that is the place.

Pediatric clinic

Last week, I mentioned that TLC Pediatrics, PLLC will soon open at 605 Salem Road, Suite B2. The physician’s name is Terence L. Champlin. His name was misspelled last week, and I accept responsibility for that.

Dr. Champlin contacted me with additional information. He will open after Labor Day, and he will offer general pediatrics for patients birth through age 17. Clinic hours will be Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Liquor permit

Someone has applied for a private club permit at 2235 Dave Ward Drive for something called The Draft. The applicant’s name is Jeffrey Born. 

An application for a private club permit at 1020 Front Street for something called Kings of Conway has been denied by the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board.

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