Additional work to the new Salem Road extension between Meadowlake Road and Highway 64 will be up for discussion during Tuesday night’s regular meeting of the Conway City Council.

According to City Engineer Ronnie Hall, since the extension’s opening to traffic in Sept. 2009, the initial two inches of pavement, laid by Rogers Group, Inc., have cracked along most sections of the street. 

In a draft report by Hall to Mayor Tab Townsell, Hall said that shortly after construction began on the project in July 2008, some of the pavement had to be removed and replaced because of "immediate failure of the pavement" due to the paving being "too thin or too coarse." 

Hall said that following the construction of concrete islands in Sept. 2009, Rogers Group, Inc. was advised "on several occasions" that the project was available for the final surface course paving.

"The Rogers Group failed to place the finished surface course before wet and cold weather prevented the work," the report reads. "They now claim we advised them that Salem Road was not ready to be paved during that fall period. We did report to them that several minor repairs of failed areas were needed before the paving could be completed. However, at face-to-face meetings and by phone calls, we made numerous requests to get the project completed."

Hall said the areas of failure and needed repair continued to expand along the roadway and throughout the winter and spring months.

"So the project wasn’t really completed at its opening," Hall said. "The final layer of asphalt can’t be placed until the initial layer is repaired. Rogers Group declined to fix it."

Representatives with Rogers Group, Inc. disputed the city’s claim on Monday, saying the company was never authorized to return to the site.

"‘Excellence in every undertaking’ is one of Rogers Group’s core values. Therefore, we were disappointed when the city inspector did not allow us to complete our project as planned last fall to bring the project up to state-specified standards. The surface seal coat step is a very crucial in the road construction process and provides durability in the asphalt product used. Since we were not allowed to return to the project to apply this coat, winter temperatures and traffic have caused premature wear-and-tear on the road," said Vice President of General Counsel Dan Rose.

"We look forward to working with local officials to complete the project to provide Salem area residents the best, safest roads possible."

Hall said the city has hired a private consultant to determine the cause of failure on the initial layer of pavement, and the investigation is ongoing.

"Right now, it appears that a substandard crushed stone base course may be a contributing factor," Hall said.

In his draft report, Hall said material recently placed by Rogers Group, Inc. on the new Salem Road overpass project was required to be removed and replaced because it did not meet AHTD specification. 

The council will hear bids for the reconstruction and completion of the project at tonight’s meeting.

The council will also consider:

• An ordinance closing four utility easements located in Woodland Springs Subdivision, Phase III along Lot 122, 123 and 124.

• An ordinance closing a street right of way known as Edgewood Drive located in the Second Baptist Subdivision.

• Nominations from the Bicycle Advisory Board.

• A resolution ordering the demolition of a structure located at 11 Mockingbird Lane.

• Resolutions requesting the Faulkner County Tax Collector to place certified liens on certain properties as a result

of incurred expenses by the City.

• The reallocation of funds within the Community Development Block Grant Program.

• Approval of contracts for the 2010 CDBG funding recommendations.

• An offer and acceptance for property located at 819 Siebenmorgen and 1416 and 1429 Sutton Street.

• An ordinance to rezone property located at 2600 College Avenue from R-1 to O-2.

• A conditional use permit to allow a taxicab stand or dispatch station for property located at 704 East Sixth Street.

• Obtaining right of way from Mr. J.E. Williams for the Museum Road Extension (Siebenmorgen Road to Lower Ridge Road).

• An ordinance approving the donation of a phone system from the Conway Fire Department.

• An ordinance amending Title 6 (Animal Welfare) of the Conway Municipal Code Book.

• An ordinance appropriating reimbursement funds to the Conway Police Department.

• An ordinance appropriating insurance funds to the Conway Police Department.

•An ordinance appropriating asset forfeiture funds to the Conway Police Department.

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