Conway Corp., the city-owned electric, water, wastewater, cable internet and cable television utility service provider, has committed to sponsoring the city’s annual Arbor Day celebration.

The Conway Tree Board and city officials were searching for a potential sponsor for the annual event after the city council denied the Tree Board funding in the amount of $4,000 at a recent meeting.

Conway Mayor Tab Townsell told council members there was not enough money in the city’s budget for the event but that he hoped for a corporate sponsorship of the event, comparable to this year’s sponsorship of Lights Over the Lake by Acxiom.

Richie Arnold, chief executive officer of Conway Corp., contacted the mayor with the offer on Wednesday.

"Conway Corporation is very supportive of the City and Tree Board’s efforts in planning and managing our urban forest," Arnold said. "The Arbor Day celebration and related events are excellent opportunities to educate the citizenry regarding the proper placement of planting of trees.  We are proud to support it."

The event will be held in Laurel Park on Nov. 6 and is free and open to the public.

"I think it’s really a good fit for Conway Corp. to sponsor the Arbor Day Celebration and we’re certainly very glad that they’re doing it," said Jack Bell, assistant to the mayor. "That is a very important event in our community. We’re a tree city, and it’s important that we have a big celebration." 

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