By David McCollum

With all kinds of craziness going on, here’s a new batch of “David Citations” for the interesting, zany and downright weird in sports:

Double blowout: When the airplane carrying the McNeese State football team to its game with Missouri last week took off, a wheel apparently clipped a light standard near the runway, blowing out a tire. The plane had to make a emergency landing on three wheels in Tunica, Miss., because that was the most available airport with a mechanic who could fix the flat.

“Luckily, most of the players didn’t know what was going on,” said McNeese State coach Matt Viator. “When we landed it sounded like when you hit a pothole while driving except about 10 times louder. You didn’t fully sense was was going on until you saw all the trucks and ambulances waiting on the runway.”

The McNeese team was delayed in receiving Columbia, Mo., for about six hours. Then, the Tigers blew out the Cowboys, 50-6.Best landing: The pilot of the plane carrying the McNeese team landed the aircraft in Tunica on three wheels.

Different kind of coaching on execution: With problems with his team concerning staph infections, Tennessee coach Derek Dooley was disappointed in the sanitary efforts of his players. He spent part of a game week teaching the players the proper way to shower. He said this season’s Vols had “the worst shower discipline of any team [he’d] ever been around,”

Time stands still: Conway High scored 56 points in the first half against Jonesboro. At halftime, Vilonia’s game against Wynne was only one minute behind the Conway game even though the Wampus Cats started 30 minutes earlier.

Best basketball score in football: Conway Christian 66, Quitman 49.Wildest offensive onslaught: In games last weekend that resembled basketball efforts, Conway, Conway Christian and Greenbrier combined for 178 points.

Best job of taking care of brother: Tennessee Tech coach Watson Brown said this on the Ohio Valley Conference teleconference this week:

“When you look at some of these games between Division I-AA (FCS) and Division I teams, there is so much equality. If you don’t play well, you lose. Those days are gone where an upper-level team can automatically win against a lower-division team if they don’t play well — unless you are my brother (Mack Brown) at Texas.”

Comedian Jay Leno mentioning flocks of geese near airports have caused problems, possibly bring down aircraft: “Then last Monday, the (New York) Jets were brought down by (Baltimore) Ravens.

”Best explanation for an Arkansas victory: Bobby Petrino after the Razorbacks’ defeated Georgia: “We snuck away with a victory.”

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