Hendrix College was recently listed in the Top 50 Schools That Produce Science PhDs, which was published by CBS Moneywatch.com.

The Top 50 list is based on data compiled by the National Science Foundation, which surveys where engineering and science PhDs obtained their undergraduate degrees. The institutions that appear on the list educated per capita the most students who ultimately earned engineering and science PhD’s from 1997 through 2006.

Twenty-eight of these schools are liberal arts colleges.

Author Lynn O’Shaughnessy wrote, "Students who attend liberal arts colleges enjoy many advantages that students at large public and private universities often don’t. At liberal arts colleges, there is typically a far greater chance for undergraduate research. Classes are routinely small. Instead of hundreds in a lower-division science class, you may have 15 or 20 students. Students at colleges enjoy more of a chance to form connections with teachers because the learning doesn’t take place in lecture halls. What’s more, it’s the professors who ultimately write those graduate school recommendations."