Having not had any news reported to me this past week for Centerville, I am dedicating this column to my daughter, Kaylee. I know you are going to think I am being prejudiced, and I guess I am, but she is such a sweet and thoughtful girl and our family is very blessed by her. She turned 10 Tuesday and made sure her special day lasted a full week. Andrea and Mary Hall came up on Sunday afternoon to share Kaylee’s first celebration for the year. I ate lunch with her Tuesday, and we went to the fair parade after school. I guess they were not as excited as we thought they would be to see the parade because Dylan kept saying he was thirsty and she thought it was taking too long for the parade to start so we walked a few blocks and were pleasantly surprised that Mike’s Place was open. While most of Faulkner County was watching the parade in the heat, we had a wonderful birthday dinner complete with a boxcar brownie cake and ice cream that Kaylee shared. We watched the last part of the parade and then stopped by Jim and Sherry Freeman’s house for a little more birthday fun. Kaylee’s party with her friends was Friday afternoon and lasted until Saturday afternoon at Woolly Hollow State Park. After much planning, she decided she wanted to camp out all night with her friends, but I didn’t really want to stay in a tent so I suggested we stay in the camper. Darrel had the camper set up and ready for us after school like a good daddy. Several family members came out to enjoy some burgers and hot dogs Friday afternoon along with several young ladies from school who were able to spend the night. We had some crafts, food, playing outside and lots of giggling. Every year, she convinces us that she had the best birthday of her life and this year was no exception. Happy Birthday Kaylee Ann!

Greenbrier Senior Citizens Center News

by Halogene Mason

We extend our deepest sympathy to the Boone family in the loss of Dustin. He worked at the Greenbrier Senior Citizens Center the last four summers while school was out. He and his brother Jay, who also worked, were loveable and polite to all the seniors and were willing to do anything we asked of them. Thirteen seniors from the center attended his funeral and we were honored to be listed as part of his extended family and were given a special seat down front. Helen Tucker is still in the Greenbrier Rehab Center but she was able to attend the funeral. Susan Shirey’s three sisters, Virgie Ardoin, Dorothy Campbell and Betty Johnson of Louisiana, visited her last week. Susan’s husband Charles took them all to Branson to shop and see shows. Charles and Susan’s two daughters Debbie Hudgeons of Vilonia, and Teresa Harris of Conway also went with them. They had a wonderful time and caught up on some of the family news.

Marie Layman, Bonnie Broward, Patsy Maxwell and Omerine Daley of the Greenbrier Senior Center went to the Jacksonville center last week and entered a dance contest. They won second place doing the bunny hop. They will get to go back in October and enter another contest doing the same dance. John and Jeanette Treece from Holiday, Mo., visited the center last Friday and had lunch with us. Jeanette is a former employee of the center. I had 33 guests enjoy a potluck birthday lunch at my house Aug. 29 for my oldest grandson Billy Gilmore. He was 50 that day. When you have grandkids who are 50 years old, it makes you feel kinda old, but not too old to enjoy family and friends. Modenia Smith has been sick for the last few days and not able to go to the center.

My friend, Dee Beatty, of Gasville, spent from Tuesday until Friday with me last week. We took dinner and visited my cousin, Valter Burnett, in Conway, on Tuesday night and played a card game called Spite & Malice with her. We all enjoyed the evening. On Wednesday, Dee and I shopped in Conway and checked out the new Harp’s store. We also checked out the new fairgrounds. That sure is going to be a nice place when it’s all finished. On her way home, she visited her former neighbor Wilma Robinson.