As privacy in the technology world wains, one Conway company attempts to make headway in the opposite direction.
First Orion, an information technology business housed near Conway’s downtown, recently expanded its Privacy Star application to users of the Android smartphone.

“We’re interested in privacy, protection and preference,” said Jeff Stalnaker, CEO of First Orion.

The application was available first to Blackberry users, and has begun its expansion of service to various carriers and devices.
Privacy Star introduces its subscribers to the “true caller I.D.”
“You may think you have caller I.D., but you don’t,” Stalnaker said.
With the application, the subscriber is provided with the first and last name of callers, regardless of data stored on the device.
“When someone calls, our service goes into the world of data and retrieves this information for you in a matter of seconds,” Stalnaker said.

The application began as a service to block unwanted calls, and has since expanded to include the ability to report violations of debt collectors and telemarketers to the Federal Trade Commission with three clicks of the phone.
“We have a very good working relationship with the FTC, and we personally report more than 15,000 of the complaints against these companies a month.”

Stalnaker said that the reported offenders with numerous complaints will be added to a list of repeat offenders that are automatically blocked through the service.
Several banks and debt collection services are listed on the application’s top 25 list.

According to data provided by First Orion, an estimated 150 million telemarketing calls a day are made in the U.S., and 20 percent of those are “do not call” violations.
Stalnaker, former Acxiom executive, said First Orion’s services have been subscribed to by more than 300,000 individuals to date. The company’s premier application, Privacy Star, has been featured 12 times in eight months on Blackberry’s Ap World.

“The story is that this company is in Conway, Arkansas. It’s the forefront of this technology,” Lee Watson, chief creative guru for the company’s marketing consulting agency, Clarovista, said.
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