Among reports recently released by the Conway Police Department:

1. Theft of a motor vehicle at 801 Elsinger Blvd., Kohl’s. An employee of the business stated that while at work, someone stole his 2002 GMC Sierra pickup truck. 

2. Residential burglary at 3900 block of Rupert Drive. The victim stated that he left a window in his home cracked a few inches while he ran an errand. When he returned, he found that his TV had been stolen.

3. Fraudulent use of a credit card. The victim stated that she believes her ex-boyfriend may have used her identity to open a credit card account in her name. The account had been charged with $580.18.

4. Breaking or entering a vehicle at 300 block of Ingram Street. The victim stated that he left his locked semi-truck in a parking lot and when he returned, he found his bunk in disarray and the cab smelled like cigarette smoke. The victim discovered that a box of Nutrigrain snack bars, a swivel-head flashlight, a pair of work gloves and a new pack of Basic cigarettes were missing from his truck.

5. Residential burglary at 1600 block of Hogan Lane, Centennial Apartments. The victim stated that while she was sleeping, a man broke into her apartment. A loud noise woke her and she walked into the living room to see him going through her things. According to the report, the suspect moved toward her, and the victim fled to the bathroom and locked the door. The victim said when she emerged from the bathroom, the suspect was gone, and $200 in cash was missing.

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