It is time again for the Log Cabin Democrat to introduce its 100 percent, pay-it-forward holiday fundraising program, the Community Christmas Card.

Donors need not worry when it comes to this simple, yet exceedingly productive way of giving.

Every cent of every dollar given will go directly to Faulkner County school counselors, who are entrusted to dole funds in a variety of services to children in need, children who they are in direct contact with each day.

The exacting nature of the program allows school counselors to pinpoint the needs of students.

For a donation of $1, participants will see their name or a name of a person of their choosing in the Dec. 25, Christmas edition of the Log Cabin Democrat.

At final count in 2009, participants donated a record $23,343, all of which was distributed to county schools and designated for the immediate assistance of students in need.

Cheryl Bramlett, RN at Conway High School-West, said that it has been the high school’s mission to use their portion of last year’s gift to "fill in the gaps."

"We’ve used it to send a student to the dentist very recently who had an abscessed tooth. The doctor prescribed antibiotics and gave her a treatment plan. We paid for the visit and the medicine," Bramlett said.

Bramlett said high school students do not usually need toys, and food banks assist those who are hungry, but they occasionally need shoes.

"Believe it or not, even in 2010, some people have just one pair of shoes. Shoes wear out."

The high school has also used a portion of the gift to assist students in receiving medical care, whose families are uninsured or have fallen on hard economic times.

"We try to use the money for students who do not have dental or medical insurance. It seems like dental needs are things that people postpone getting help for. By the time it comes to our attention at school, it is pretty severe. Dental insurance is kind of a luxury. We try to use that money to fill in the gaps," said Bramlett. "People would be shocked to learn how far their dollar goes."

Look forward to more stories in our publications gleaned from area school counselors telling the stories of the little and the big things that money can buy for a child or teenager whose personal plight, through no fault of their own, has left them wanting.

"This time of year, there are many worthwhile opportunities to help those around us in need. We are thrilled to sponsor one such opportunity. The Community Christmas Card is especially valuable because it addresses needs on a personal, one-on-one level, and we’ve seen over and over how these contributions provide a helping hand.

Last year’s campaign was our most successful ever, thanks to the dozens of donors," Rick Fahr, Log Cabin publisher, said. "Every dollar counts, and that’s why we appreciate every person who helps us help the young people of Faulkner County. Thank you in advance for your support of this year’s Community Christmas Card."

To make a donation, bring it by the Log Cabin Democrat at 1058 Front St. To donate by mail, send donations to Community Christmas Card, P.O. Box 969, Conway, AR 72033. Donations may also be made online through PayPal at

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