An ordinance rezoning property containing the Kroger store at Prince and Salem Street was passed during Tuesday night’s regular meeting of the Conway City Council.

The ordinance passed 5-3.

The vote was preceded by discussions concerning the long-term effects of gasoline emissions on nearby residents, the height and material of walls to be built in the buffering area, and traffic congestion in the area.

Dennis Cobb, a senior construction manager with Kroger, told audience members that Kroger officials listened to the concerns of the people on multiple occasions and had taken every measure to address their concerns.

Cobb said in addition to previous concessions regarding delivery times, garbage pick-up, parking lot sweeping and lighting, Kroger was committed to the installation of Phase II technology at each of the seven gas pumps located at the proposed fueling station and the construction of an 8-foot wooden fence instead of the previously-committed 6-foot wooden fence in buffer areas along the western property boundary.

The ordinance will rezone the property from C-2 and O-2 to PUD, and will allow for the store’s 66,000-square-foot expansion and the installation of a fueling station. 

Kroger representatives said the expansion will allow for the addition of 59 full-time and 140 part-time jobs at the store.