Conway Cradle Care now has a new website, created by Zachary Jeffery, a "Friend of Conway Cradle Care." 

The website may be reached at

By accessing the website, an interested person may learn CCC’s mission and goals, information on the daycare located at First Presbyterian Church, Conway and specific details about the non-profit’s countywide mentoring program. Included is a list of the variety of ways in which people may help us fulfill our mission of helping teenaged parents complete high school and become productive citizens, only one of which is by monetary donations. The website also gives a synopsis of CCC’s 16-year history and answers a series of frequently asked questions. Because CCC believes in financial transparency, the latest financial audit and 990 form are also included on the website.

Conway Cradle Care is a nonprofit organization committed to preserving educational opportunities for young parents who might otherwise drop out of school. By providing affordable daycare for teens’ children from birth to three years, Conway Cradle Care helps ensure a safe, healthy and stimulating environment for the children. 

Conway Cradle Care also provides classes and mentoring for the teen parents to help them learn good parenting and life skills. Teen parents sign a contract with Conway Cradle Care that obligates them to attend parenting classes and pay a small monthly tuition for daycare.