Class Profile


Grade: Fourth

School: Woodrow Cummins Elementary

Teacher: Sandra Mason

What are the class’ favorite books to read together?

We love reading realistic fiction, especially Fudge A Mania and we also enjoyed Lewis and Clark and Me as historical fiction.

What has been the class’ favorite topic studied so far during the school year? 

Studying science about plants and animals and doing experiments to go along with the lesson. We also enjoy social studies and learning about Lewis and Clark and Native Americans.

What has been the best class project so far?

We really liked doing our projects on seeds. We took seeds apart to see what was inside and then we used bean seeds to plant and watch our plants grow.

What are the students’ favorite things to do at recess?

We enjoy playing together in a game of kickball, playing tag or hanging out on the swings.

What is the class’s favorite thing to eat in the cafeteria?

Our favorites are always pizza, chicken ring things and beef nachos.