If your Christmas shopping list is like most’s, you have that one difficult-to-buy-for person on there somewhere.

Christmas is just nine days away, and stores’ parking lots are full of cars, and aisles are packed with carts and impatient children.

The Log Cabin Democrat has a philanthropic option or alternative to gift-giving that we call the Community Christmas Card.

Organizers of the program would encourage Christmas shoppers to consider this pay-it-all-forward way of giving.

For the donation of at least $1, the name of your choice is added to the list of other contributing community members’ in the Dec. 25 edition of the Log Cabin.

Each penny of every dollar is forwarded to Faulkner County schools. 

Area school counselors are entrusted with what some call the "student fund" or the "Christmas money."

Upon notification, counselors dole funds, unrestricted by the "red tape," and assist students in need.

Needs may be medical, emotional, a new pair of glasses or simply a pair of warm shoes.

Teachers, often the closest observer of the student, will notify the counselors if a student needs a warm coat, a summertime outfit, a toy for Christmas or even a visit with a dentist.

School nurses also refer students to the fund for appointments or medicine associated with ailments that he or she may not be able to treat with items in the school office.

Woodrow Cummins Nurse Lana Gartner said she has seen the funds used frequently to aid the student whose parents do not make enough money to afford insurance, but too much to qualify for government assistance programs.

"Without this fund, we wouldn’t be able to reach the student who falls through the crack," Gartner said.

According to organizers, donations are down this year.

"The Community Christmas Card is an excellent program that benefits Faulkner County youth who have needs," said Log Cabin Editor Waylon Harris. "There’s still time to give to the program. One hundred percent of collected funds go toward helping Faulkner County children, so there isn’t a better program, in my opinion, to support. 

"So far, collections this year are down considerably, so any help people in our community can provide will be greatly appreciated. We don’t want to see a single child in Faulkner County do without, and that’s possible with help from the community."

Donations may be made at the Log Cabin Democrat at 1058 Front St., by mailing them to Community Christmas Card, P.O. Box 696, Conway, Ark., 72033, or online through PayPal at www.thecabin.net.