Log Cabin Staff Writer


The Old Conway Design Review Board approved the redesign of Conway’s downtown post office and federal building at its meeting Thursday night.

Developer Greg Nabholz presented architectural renderings of the proposed remodeling of the exterior of the building that will return the design to early 20th century classical revival, 

The original structure was built in the early 1920s. In 1969, an extensive redesign produced a federal modern formalism exterior, typical of federal government buildings of that era.

Nabholz also will add a 2,453 square foot one-story building on the west side.

Work has begun on the interior, and the business of the Downtown post office —  selling stamps and mailing packages — has been moved to a temporary site adjacent to the building under reconstruction. Post office boxes are accessible as before.

Other postal services, such as bulk mailings, have been moved to the post office on Hogan.

City Planner Bryan Patrick said: "The change can be seen in two ways. Either the remodel is an improvement on the current monumental, but cold, modern style, or it is altering the character of a historic style that is not yet appreciated. 

"Typically, 50 years is seen as the age at which a building is considered historic. This building is 41 years old. 

"The proposed changes will offer a softer appearance and possibly better blend with area historic structures. The scale of the windows, landscaping and the new addition’s height will make the structure more approachable and humanize the overall scale," Patrick said.

The board agreed.

Velton Daves is board chairman. Other members are David Carolina, George Covington, Sr., Betty Pickett, Rod Miller, Mary Etta Qualls, Melissa Headrick, Barbara Stroope and Sandra Mabry, the representative from the Planning Commission.

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