Mrs. Mary Hart’s third- and fourth-graders at Sallie Cone Elementary recently wrote letters to Santa. They are in the students’ own words as follows:


How are Mrs. Claus and you doing? Also how are your elves, reindeer and Rudolph doing? I hope y’all are doing fine. Now I want to tell you what I want for Christmas. I want a pair of walkie-talkies. I have been waiting for the longest! I want them really bad. The next thing I want is a cell phone. I don’t care what color it is. I just want one. Last I want a gray laptop. Please because I can talk to my granny on-line. Last last I want a camera so that I can take lots and lots of pictures of pretty things. Love, Devin


How is it at the North Pole? I bet it is great! When you get to my house, you need to go through the front door. Now I am going to tell you what I want for Christmas. I want one of your reindeer. I want a life-sized John Cena toy, an XBox and a PlayStation that has 50 games with it. Love, Daeyontay


I’ve been good. It is wonderful down in Conway. May I give my presents to homeless people, please? I want a DS game and a Yatzee game and Wii games. May I have all of these? Love, Terrence P.S. I hope I get these, please.


Can you please give homeless people homes with shelters? My sister wants a DS and my little sister wants 3 Gameboy games. I really want an iPod and an iPad. Love, Jason


How is the North Pole? Are the elves going to get presents? The big thing that I want is a Barbie house…a big one. The other thing that I want is a DS with games. The last things I want are a toy car for my brother and a Barbie camping car with Ken, Barbie, Barbie’s son and little girl, too. Love, Marisela P.S. I will leave you cookies.


How have you been? I would like an XBox 360 and a Wii. I also want a TV for the homeless people and give them chocolate too. Sincerely, Price


What is your favorite cookie? How are you and Mrs. Clause? I really, really want an iPod Touch for Christmas. I want my own computer. I have my Christmas tree up already and my stockings, too. Sincerely, Stormie


How have you been? Can you ask Mrs. Claus why can’t she get in the sleight with you? Now I am going to tell you what my family and I want. First, my Papa wants a gold watch. Then my Grandma wants a dress and hat and shoes. Next my TeeTee wants shoes. My cousins want toys and my mom wants a T.V. My sister wants a doll. Finally I want a DS, cell phone, I-Phone, a baby and a dog. Sincerely, Kalista P.S. Tell Rudolph I love him!


My mom needs a new car. You are going to have to come in my front door to get in. I want a MP 3 and a laptop. I want a golden retriever a bell and a big hug from YOU! Love, Tiara


How are you? Can I get a new cell phone and the new Kinect for XBox 360? And can I have a laptop because I lost my laptop? I need a new skateboard because somebody stole it. Sincerely, Demetrius


I’ve been good. I want to know if you are making everyone’s presents for Christmas? This is a clue of what I want for Christmas. It has a keyboard. It has numbers on it. The next thing I want for Christmas is a new TV! Sincerely, Amilliah


How have you been? I’ve been good at school, home and my friend’s house. I hope Rudolph is not sick because I want to make a wish. My wish is to get a PSP because I want to play games at home. Sincerely, Ulises


What is your favorite kind of cookies? I really need to know so that we can bake them for you. So these are the things I want for Christmas: I want a blue computer so that I can make my own password. If I do get one my password would be football player. Don’t tell anyone! Sincerely, Shay


How are you up in the North Pole? Is it cold in your shop? Are the reindeer as fine as ever? This year I want a red Wii, Legos, candy, a DSi and Sonic colors and Sonic for the DSi. Please help clean up the oil spill! Sincerely, Matthew


How are you and Mrs. Claus? How are the reindeer and the elves? Is it cold at the North Pole? I want a Kinect, a cell phone and a Nintendo DS for Christmas. When you come to my house, don’t let the reindeer make a lot of noise. When you come, you have to come to the back or front door because I do not have a chimney. What kind of milk and cookies do you like? I wonder if it snows a lot at the North Pole. I hope that it is going to snow this Christmas. Love, Tytiana P.S. I hope you come, please!


Do you know if a chimney appears when I am asleep? I want an iPod Touch, DSi, XBox, and a red Wii. How are Rudolph and the reindeer doing? How are Mrs. Claus and the elves? Sincerely, Brandon


How are you Santa? I hope you are good because if you’re not, you won’t bring presents. Then I will cry on Christmas day. I want a cell phone, computer and a Play Station. How are your elves? Are they great? I want a Wii, XBox, iPod, a laptop and a MP3 Player. I want to see Mrs. Claus because I want to see if she is fat. I want a Kinect from Mrs. Claus. I want a lot of presents, please. Sincerely, Ketara P.S. I like ice cream.


How are you doing in the North Pole? Is Rudolph’s nose still shiny? This is what I want for Christmas: a Nintendo DS, a brand new bike, clothes (I wear size 14 pants), a Wii and a computer. One more thing I have to tell you. My house doesn’t have a chimney. Sincerely, Daisha


What is your favorite cookie? I have been good this year. Can you get me a cell phone and a Play Station 3? Last please go to the homeless and help out. Sincerely, Jerry 


I have been good this year and what are you and Mrs. Claus doing? Do you keep hot chocolate to keep you warm? I really, really want a jewelry maker and a Wii and an electric scooter. I also want a mansion and a limo. I really, really want walkie-talkies and an iPad. I want a wish from a star! Sincerely, Gabby


How are you Santa and are y’all having fun? I would like to have some walkie-talkies for Christmas and a cell phone and a Play Station 3. That is almost it but a would also like a big diesel with a trailer. If you make it to m house, will you please wake me up so that I can see you and the reindeer? Bye, see you later. Love you and Mrs. Claus, Sebastian


My name is Trevon. How are you at the North Pole? What are your favorite cookies? Here are some things I want for Christmas. I want an XBox Kinect, PSP charger, Playstation 2 video game and a laptop. Sincerely, Trevon