Log Cabin Staff Writer

The Conway Planning Commission voted Monday night to send a request for PUD zoning at the northwest corner of Prince Street and Country Club Road to a planning subcommittee for further study and conversations with developer John Pennington and neighbors.

Facing a denial of the zoning by the commission, Pennington agreed to a month’s delay.

Had they voted on Monday to deny the PUD, and the City Council affirmed the vote at its meeting on Dec. 28, then it would be a year before the proposal could be resubmitted.

Commissioners and a host of neighbors from Applewood Cove and Jefferson Place voiced concern about the density of 24 single-family patio homes and the construction of commercial property — a quiet business — on about four acres at the northwest corner.

Lee Lassiter Counts, a founding board member of the Applewood Property Owners Association, said "Not only is there a preponderance of retail property in that area," but also many retail properties are vacant.

"Consider this as if it were in your backyard," she said to the commissioners.

Commissioner Craig Cloud asked Pennington if he’d be willing to reduce the number of structures or remove the commercial property. Pennington answered no.

Acting Chairman Kent Mathis said, "You deserve to make a profit off the property. However, it needs to fit in the area you want to put it in. Some of this is like stretching a rubberband until it snaps. That’s where you are, and that’s what we’re trying to tell you."

Cloud said there had been some proposals by other developers before the commission that were unacceptable when presented, but through meetings and understandings, compromises had been worked out and those developments are successful today.

Pennington said, "We’re three years into this and we’ve been mandated to create a PUD with an internal street. ... I feel this is the best idea." 

Cloud said, "My sense of the commission is that it won’t pass in this form," he said and moved to send the proposal to committee.

Pennington said he’d respect the commission’s wish for further discussions, adding "in this collaboration, in this Kumbaya meeting... . If you get all my concerns met, I’ll be on board."

In another public hearing, the commission approved with stipulations a PUD zoning for property at 3390 Irby Drive. 

Developer Kevin Watson agreed to construction of a 6-foot brick fence on the Irby Drive side of The Cove at Cadron. The property will have 12 single-family patio homes on two acres and is surrounded by The Links at Cadron, a nine-hole golf course. 

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