The latest total in the holiday project that benefits Faulkner County children is "$14,583 and counting," organizers said Wednesday.

The Log Cabin Democrat’s Community Christmas Card project depends on the participation of community members.

To participate, community members donate $1 or more to see their name or the name of their choice on the printed Christmas card to the community. 

The Community Christmas Card will appear in the Christmas edition of the Log Cabin.

The donation’s results don’t stop there, of course because every penny is forwarded to county schools to be given to children in need.

School counselors depend on their own observation or the recommendation of a teacher or school nurse to spot the students who are "falling through the cracks."

The fund has been named the "student fund" by teachers, or the "Christmas money."

The use of the account is unrestricted and entrusted to educators to do the most good.

Conway elementary teachers have used the fund to purchase glasses, summer clothes, winter coats, appropriate shoes, dental visits and medical exams.

High school teachers reported that several students have sought help while experiencing dental discomfort.

According to Cheryl Bramlett, RN at Conway High School-West, dental insurance for some families is a luxury that’s not always afforded.

"Sometimes a family might not have full coverage on their insurance and their child needs to go to the dentist. They may be in a tight financial spot and we try to help them there," Bramlett said.

At the beginning of the Community Christmas Card campaign, Log Cabin Publisher Rick Fahr said, "This time of year, there are many worthwhile opportunities to help those around us in need. We are thrilled to sponsor one such opportunity. The Community Christmas Card is especially valuable because it addresses needs on a personal, one-on-one level, and we’ve seen over and over how these contributions provide a helping hand."

The community has shared the Log Cabin’s enthusiasm for the program in their giving.

With continued support, the project may exceed last year’s total of more than $23,000.

Organizers would ask that as community members enjoy their families and this holiday season, that they consider including the names of loved ones among those printed in the Christmas card. 

"Your contribution to this program in honor of another is a great way to say ‘Merry Christmas’ to someone important in your life. The gift is two-fold or even three-fold. Gifting helps the giver, the gifted, and in this case, most certainly the receiver, Faulkner County students," said Kim Beard, Community Christmas Card organizer.

To be a part of the program, bring donations to the Log Cabin Democrat office at 1058 Front St., or mail them to Community Christmas Card, P.O. Box 696, Conway, Ark., 72033, or donate online through PayPal at