A generous donation on Thursday afternoon to the Log Cabin Democrat’s Community Christmas Card pushed the total of funds generated to $18,896.

All of the money raised during the annual fundraiser is forwarded to area school counselors, who then use it to meet the needs of students.

Every penny collected is entrusted to local educators, who are keen observers of Faulkner County’s youth.

Each year, teachers and counselors rely on their school’s portion of the "Christmas money" to address the needs of students who have accidentally broken their glasses, who lack warm winter clothing and are for whatever reason, left wanting.

The Community Christmas Card is unique in that it is free of "red tape" and its funds may be used at the discretion of administrators to personally solve a problem that may have otherwise gone unaddressed.

Conway elementary school counselors reported that they’ve used funds to take students to the dentist, buy seasonal-appropriate clothing and shoes, to send a child to a doctor and to purchase medicine.

One counselor said that she has used the "student fund" to help pay rent for a student’s family who had "fallen on hard financial times."

Most reported that it is widely used to purchase glasses, whose young wearers regularly cause them casualty.

For a donation of at least $1, participants will see their name or name of their choice among the 3,590 names recorded thus far, printed in the Community Christmas Card in the Log Cabin’s Christmas Day edition.

There’s still time to contribute to the cause by mailing a donation with names to P.O. Box 969, Conway AR 72033, or by donating online through PayPal at www.thecabin.net.