By Margie Fulmer

"Merry Christmas" and I pray it will be a joyful time for all you readers and that each home will remember it’s Jesus’ Birthday.

Service was special at Oakland Methodist Church last Sunday. Pastor LaNita always blesses us with the Truth from God’s word. We have been observing the Advent service also this past month, with a different family participating each Sunday. This past Sunday was the Butler family. B.E. and Ruby would have been happy to witness their two children, Charles Henry with his wife, Mary Jane, and Marsha Brown with her daughter, Kristen Barnett, taking care of this. These four are faithful workers in the church and we are so thankful for them.

Ray and I treated our granddaughter, Lori Ponder, and her little daughters, Shelley and Paige, to lunch at Hensley’s Catfish barn at Heber Springs last sunday. Then we went over to see the Trumpiter Swans again on the Lake East of Heber Springs.

Then we got home in time to attend the Christmas play ay Liberty Nazarene Church that night. It was good with the title "All I Want For Christmas Is Jesus". They have a great amount of children that attend there and seven of our great-grandchildren, plus our daughter, Sherry Sellers, performed.

Rosa Lee and Robert McElroy had lunch with granddaughters, Kara and Tara Collins, at Wooster Elementary School recently. I hope to have more news next week.

God is love and God is good.


Shady Grove

By Hazel Love

I was out of town last week so I did not get a column in, therefore some of the following items are two weeks old.

December 14th the Wooster Elementary 4th and 5th grade choir sang Christmas carols at the State Capitol. Some of the choir members from Shady Grove were Emily Pruitt and Faith Foster (Marilyn Battles’ granddaughter). Reese Hammontree also sang with this group. Lena Martin, Marilyn Battles, Ed and Linda Hammontree, Tony and Logan Pruitt were just a few of the spectators. Governor Beebe came from one of his meetings to view the group.

Little Orphan Annie came home last week. Annie is a small, red dog adopted by the Hammontree family about a year ago. She was a stray found rummaging through the dumpster at Patton’s Store in Wooster. The grandkids didn’twant to leave her in the cold without food, so the dog went home with the Hammontrees. Linda had the dog spayed and fully intended to find her a home until she found out that the animal had heart worms. She began the task of trying to rid her of those parasites.

Two and a half weeks ago, Annie disappeared. On Wednesday of last week Linda was driving north on Hwy 225 towards Republican Road. She noticed two dogs on the left-hand side of the road. Thinking they had been carelessly dropped off to starve or get hit by a passing car, she glanced in her rear view mirror and noticed that one dog was chasing her car. She turned into the driveway of the friend’s home where she was visiting, and there came Annie. She recognized Linda’s car and ran after it.  So instead of finding the dog, the dog found her.

Last Thursday, it was discovered that three more dogs on Shady Grove Lane have disappeared in the few days before. These were all pets. Two of the dogs belong to three young girls who miss their animals very much. Linda says, "I believe it is more humane to euthanize the animals rather than dumping them on someone else or leaving them to starve or get run over. I have five rescue dogs now and two rescue cats — and they are all spayed and neutered. But I don’t have room for any more animals. By the way, these dogs are great burglar alarms. No one sneaks up on our home. I know it is annoying to have dogs run freely, but it is just as annoying to hear those penned-up animals constantly barking from sheer boredom and oft times, neglect."

Young Hailey Ellzey has done it again. She has seen a need and did something about it. She did a book drive at school and collected 51 books with the intention of donating them to the hospital, then learned that they have to be new to be accepted there. Her mother and dad, Greg and Barbara Canton, drove her to make her donation.

Susan and Chelsey Cavin and I went to Branson Sunday afternoon and spent the night to do our final Christmas shopping.

Speaking of the Cavins’ and Loves’ —  We had some real excitement this past Wednesday when the back yards and entire field caught fire, going all the way across to Shady Grove Lane residents. The Hammontree’s on down to the Townsend property were affected. By the grace of God no structures were damaged and no injuries.  Fire trucks all over the place from Wooster, Beaverfork and Greenbrier. The bad part of it was the lack of communication that the fire fighters had with each other from field to field, because they are not provided this type of equipment.