Since he was a kid, Joey Hambuchen wanted to have a skateboard shop.

He dreamed of it, even while he was earning an accounting degree at the University of Central Arkansas.

Seven years ago, his dream came true, and he opened a small shop selling boards and all that goes with the sport.

Later, he opened an indoor skateboard park, and it was all good.

The business grew beyond his imagination and, now in its seventh year, is one of the top 20 shops in the country, so dealers tell him.

"We are known all over the country," he said.

But now Hambuchen is ready to move on.

The signs are up at Good Wheels, 1081 Front St., that it’s going out of business, offering stock at reduced prices.

Inside the music is jumping while a video of skateboard masters plays continuously.

It’s not your typical skateboard shop, Hambuchen says.

It was the first occupant two years ago in a newly renovated building Downtown and resembles a high-end clothing store, which in many ways it is. 

Hambuchen said he’s learned a lot about retail and operating a business.

"I’ve accomplished everything I wanted to do, and now I want to do something else," Hambuchen said.

What that something else is, he doesn’t know yet.

"I’m not sure what I want to do, so I’m leaving that decision open," he said.

It will take five to six months to close out the store, including fixtures and furnishings, but he thinks the shop will close by the end of January.

A few people have looked at buying the shop.

"But it would take a lot of vision and guts to take it over," he said.

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