Class Profile: 

Grade: Third

School: Woodrow Cummins Elementary

Teacher: Erika Smith

What are the class’s favorite books to read together? Books by Andrew Clements: Frindle and The Report Card. The Wimpy Kid Series by Jeff Kinney.

What has been the class’s favorite topic studied so far during the school year? Multiplication. Learning how to make arrays, playing games to learn our facts and timed tests.

What has been the best class project so far? Community service — crafts for the Arkansas Children’s Hospital and Step Up to the Plate 501 Food Drive; Counting our coins and cans, making posters and showing our school we care.

What are the students’ favorite things to do at recess? Swings, tag and kickball.

What is the class’s favorite thing to eat in the cafeteria? Papa Murphy’s Pizza and Chicken Ring Things.